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Fast & accurate two-body scattering emulator

Bayesian analysis for experimental design often requires very many calculations with different parameters, which is too expensive. Here we extend Eigenvector Continuation to create emulators that calculate two-body scattering observables directly (i.e., without needing wave functions).

Contact: Dick Furnstahl (furnstahl.1@osu.edu)

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Two-body scattering emulator without Kohn anomalies

Fast & accurate emulators are needed to perform Bayesian analyses for complex nuclear reactions. We construct an emulator using Eigenvector Continuation applied to the (general) Kohn variational principle (KVP) that avoids Kohn anomalies.

Contact: Filomena Nunes (nunes@frib.msu.edu)

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Physics Highlights

Lightweight self-conjugate nucleus 80Zr

This work provides evidence for the existence of a deformed double shell closure in 80Zr through high precision Penning trap mass measurements of 80-83Zr. A statistical Bayesian model mixing analysis is used to interpret an observed mass anomaly.

Contact: Witek Nazarewicz (witek@frib.msu.edu)

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